Surreal Flakes

…produces dreams captured as avantgarde short movies. We do this in order to question how people think and perceive reality and to give them back a childlike joy and freedom. All works are released on YouTube for free. Take a magical outlook on reality and expand your mind!

Surreal Moving Image Art

Surrealism is a magical outlook on life

“Some of the Surreal Flakes were inspired by spontaneity and memories of childhood. For more source material I traveled far into the dream state which required a great deal of extensive, time-consuming, mid-morning and early-to-mid-afternoon naps on extended sabbatical. Wielding a butterfly net I stalked the boarders of consciousness searching for prey, wandering from time to time into a much larger dreamers dream. It was all very trippy dude. You can see the influences of these naps on many areas of the films.”

Opozo Gulix

Dreamer & Allrounder

“Surreal Flakes are quite difficult to shoot because they take place often in unknown size-dimension-time. “The Blind Dinner” was shot in the mind of a caterpillar, near the amygdala. Extremely small actors and equipment were required bring this piece to life, shooting entirely under intense magnification. Another piece par example took place at the end of the largest expanse of the furthest universe, incurring travel expenses in the trillions of human life spans, black-hole-lag, and the eventual recasting of the long dead crew with alien narcissists to finish just one scene.”

Jordo LaMensky

Cinematographer, Actor & Surreal traveller

“We once filmed a surreal short movie at the bottom of the Ocean. Our operating budget for this film was cash in small fish which we paid many Anglerfish for their lighting equipment, and the filmsters among you know how much light a camera needs to get a pretty picture. However shooting was cut short because the Anglerfish unionized and ate our entire operational budget. The labor dispute continues between us and this particular species, which we will no longer be working with. Bloody egoists!”

Grigor Kulings

Film Producer

“As an actor for Surreal Flakes I have transformed into a fiery sex-rocket, breaking through the maximum levels of intensity, leaving audiences gasping with the desire to participate in the ecstasy of my performance. They pray their lives might blaze and spurt sudden flame as I revolt, clothed in feminine garb and turbans. For some viewers it has been shown they get the chance to be free of social constraints and operant conditioning. A must watch!”

Theé Maygritte

Actor & Philantrophist

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