Surreal Ethics

Many great works of art plays with the human sensivity of disgust. So do we. The symbolism of Surreal Flakes often deals with certain expressions of abnormalities. While some take offence by this imagery, many feel appealed to. People who like our art often describe it as thought-provoking, stimulating and different from usual entertainment.

Such statements fill us with happiness. We want to make people overthink their own reality, we want them to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. And sometimes we only celebrate a certain taste of humor. Nevertheless from the proper perspective the symbolism of Surreal Flakes is deeply innocent. A large part of the shot images originate from dreams, childhood memoires and spontaneous ideas we had whilst filming.

No matter if someone perceives something as abnormal, it will exist anyways. We believe that everything and everyone has its rightful place in life and is unique. In our view there is not something like normality. Everything is different and nonetheless shares one world. Accepting this wide range of different forms is to accept how life reveals itself. Moreover every person is different and behaves maybe for someone other even strange. Being aware of that nobody is the same gives us the possibility to feel normal. Because normality is not being like everyone else. From this perspective Surreal Flakes stands for everyone who is different.

With this in mind we do not perceive our work as abnormal or strange. It has never been our intention to offend anybody. For us our work is rather a large play and a big celebration. We want to connect people with a certain view of esthetics, an equal sense of humor and a critical mind.


Surrealism: About dreams and creativity

Allthough people absolutely believe in their reality everyone knows that life is not endless. It will end like every dream ends. Often the only characteristic which differs the human waking consciousness from a dream is that the dream is less consistent. Dreams are often very strange, sometimes they are a lot more realistical than our everyday life, from time to time they become erotical and now and then they are absurd and funny. They usually end very quickly. They give spice and variety to everyday life.

For us how dreams work, what existence is in its whole spectrum and every thing that is beyond human conditioning is valuable and a source of creativity. It helps us for personal growth and tells us not to loose sight of the being as a whole. Being in itself is so much bigger and wider than our brain can capture that our human problems and ideas often seem to be like an absurd joke. That is why absurdity is great source of freedom for us. Surreal Flakes wants to remember people that life is a play and reality is absolutely changeable.

You have never dreamed this before…

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